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DIS History:
2006 DIS entered the cutting tools market as the first company that is specialized in metal
removal cutting tools and the sole agent of DORMER Tools and Edge cam software.

2007 DIS achieved an enormous success by branding each of DORMER and Edgecam in the
market, approaching and serving a huge number of customers.

2008 DIS established its new Show Room in El-Gomhoria Street ( at the down town ), and through it the dealer
network was developed and managed.DIS started it's co-op with KINTEK, GERARDI, and

2009 DIS decided to have the complete solution, and improving the product range by being
partner to AKKO, EROGLU, and HPMT.

2010 DIS sticks with improving its products and crew abilities to match the development of
the market, and started it's partnership with PALBIT.

2011 DIS entered Africa Market as a start to wide it's targeted markets.

2012 DIS became the sole agent of Neil Tools (Eclipse, Spare &Jackson).

2014 DIS became the sole agent of BM POLYCO.

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